Under The Sea Edible Paint Palette - Sweet Sticks

Type: Edible Paint
SKU: underthesea-minipalette-Sweetsticks
  • Description
    • Brand new and long awaited the mini Under The Sea Edible Paint Palette is finally here! Can we just take a moment and soak in this gorgeous collection of colors? I love everything blue and aqua and this palette is my personal favorite. I can't wait to use it to paint my nieces some mermaid macarons. If you haven't yet tried the water activated palettes from Sweet Sticks this product is a great and affordable way to test them out (and fall in love). 

      Ready to use right from the palette, this revolutionary paint is made in Australia with FDA approved edible ingredients. There’s no need to mix with alcohol, this palette has been formulated to work with water like a normal watercolor palette.  Paint on almost any edible surface for a quick- drying and rub free painted pastry. Edible Art Paint Palette is perfect for painted wedding cakes and painted cookies and is used by professional and hobby bakers alike. This rub free, fast drying paint is made with 100% food grade FDA approved edible ingredients. Edible Art Paint makes creating your dream painted cakes and cookies quicker and easier than ever before.

      It's kosher approved, vegan friendly, and alcohol free. 

      Colors Included:
      • Deep Sea Blue
      • Bright Purple
      • Winter Blue
      • Tiffany Blue (Exclusive to this palette)
      • Mint Sorbet

  • Best product for:
    • Fine Details on: Fondant, royal icing, glaze icing, macarons, gum paste, ganache

  • Country of Origin:
    • Australia

  • Instructions
    • Activate with water, and paint!
    • Prep: get you sources of clean water, one to activate, and one to rinse brushes between color changes. 
    • Add a few drops of water onto each palette and wait approximately 60 seconds for that to soak into the paint.
    • Stir paint and water with brush until it foams an opaque paint, add more water as needed. 
    • Paint in one direction to achieve the best results. Don’t paint over wet paint. If second coat is needed wait until first coat is dry. 
    • Rinse brushes with water and pat dry between colors.
    • After each use wash brushes with warm soapy water, rinse completely, and then dry brushes on towel.
    • Some people prefer to keep a separate line of brushes just for metallic edible paint.

  • Note:
    • Is there are Sweet Sticks product you love, but that we don’t stock yet? Let us know by emailing us at hello@pastrypaintcollective.com. We will make a note for a future product research and can even work with you to include them in our next order from our vendor.

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