Purple - Poppy Paint

Type: Edible Paint
SKU: purple-poppaint

Purple - Poppy Paint is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

  • Description
    • Purple Poppy Paint is a true rich purple great for Halloween and sports teams cakes and cookies.  Poppy paint is the only edible paint specifically formulated for chocolate, so don’t worry about beading or sweating when using on chocolate or ganache. While it is the best option for painting chocolate, Poppy Paint also works great on painted cookies and painted cakes. 

      Poppy Paint’s brand new formula is 100% edible and FDA compliant, and is adding new colors all the time. A little Poppy Paint goes a long way and dries quickly so you can work efficiently. Make sure to also pick up our Poppy Paint Thinner to create edible watercolor paint!

  • Best edible paint for:
    • Chocolate, ganache, gum paste, isomalt
  • Also works great on:
    • Royal icing, glaze icing, wafer paper, and macarons. 

  • Country of Origin:
    • United States

  • Instructions
    • Shake well before each POUR
    • Clean brush with high content alcohol between colors.
    • For lighter colors you may need more than one coat. You may also want to use more than one coat when painting a larger area to avoid brushstrokes.
    • To achieve a watercolor effect use Poppy Paint Thinner.
    • After each project clean paint brushes gently with alcohol, and then warm soapy water to completely remove Poppy Paint.
    • The reason most edible paints work is because they contain alcohol and the liquid alcohol completely evaporates leaving only color. Because this product contains alcohol, please store away from children in a cool, dry place.

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