Burgundy ProGel

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  • Description
    • Rainbow Dust Burgundy ProGel is a beautifully rich color. Burgundy is a great choice for wine themed painted cookies, autumnal painted macarons, or as part of your valentine edible watercolor palette.  ProGels are the perfect choice for a painted wedding cake or painted cookies. We stock the entire hard to find line of ProGels and bring the original line over all the way from England. Rainbow Dust ProGels’ highly concentrated color formulas make them the perfect choice for edible watercolor painting.

      ProGels are the preferred food coloring gel by professionals for edible painting because of their rich and concentrated color.  Just mix a dot of ProGel with a few drops of high concentration alcohol (ex. vodka, everclear, clear flavoring extracts) or Poppy Paint Thinner. You can do this right on our ceramic palettes. The alcohol evaporates completely, leaving only the beautiful color! Use ProGels to paint on cookies, fondant, macarons, and icing and wafer paper! 

      Rainbow Dust ProGels are made with all FDA compliant ingredients and are Kosher certified.


  • Best edible paint for:
    • Edible Watercolor paint, glaze icing, royal icing, and wafer paper.
  • Also works great on:
    • Fondant & macarons

  • Country of Origin:
    • Great Britain
  • Instructions
    • Place small portion into paint palette then add alcohol or Poppy Paint thinner and use like you would regular watercolors.
    • Clean brush with water between then dry completely with paper towel between colors.
    • To achieve a watercolor effect use Poppy Paint Thinner or a high content alcohol.
    • After each project clean paint brushes gently with warm soapy water to completely remove coloring.
    • Use Rainbow Dust ProGels with our plastic dropper bottles to create ready to use edible watercolors.
  • Note:

Is there are Rainbow Dust Product you love, but that we don’t stock yet? Let us know by emailing us at hello@pastrypaintcollective.com. We will make a note for a future product research and can even work with you to include them in our next order from our vendor.


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