Bright Melon Green - Edible Art Paint by Sweet Bakes

Type: Edible Paint
SKU: brightmelongreen-EAP-SB
  • Description
    • Bright Melon Green  Edible Art Paint is one of three colors created in partnership with Sweet Bakes. Pick up this line to make gorgeous watermelon cookies or to use to paint some jewel toned florals. Ready to use right from the bottle, this revolutionary paint is made in Australia with FDA compliant ingredients. There’s no more need to make a mess mixing luster dusts and alcohol. Paint on almost any edible surface for a quick- drying and rub free painted pastry.  Edible Art Paint is perfect for painted wedding cakes and painted cookies and is used by professional and hobby bakers alike. Edible Art Paint makes creating your dream painted cakes and cookies quicker and easier than ever before.

      This product is gluten, dairy, soy, and peanut free, and is made with 100% edible FDA compliant ingredients. 

  • Size: 15 ml, these bottles may seem small, but a little goes a long way. 
  • Best product for:
    • Fondant, royal icing, glaze icing, buttercream, macarons, gum paste, ganache 
    • To paint on buttercream, chill first still frosting is set.
  • Country of Origin:
    • Australia

  • Instructions
    • Shake, pour, and paint! It’s that easy!
    • Shake well before each pour, leave closed and laying on the side to prevent settling between pours.
    • To create a watercolor effect shake, pour, and dilute with poppy paint thinner or a high content alcohol (90 proof or higher) such as vodka or everclear.
    • Product can be applied with paint brushes or a sponge.
    • Rinse paint brushes with water between colors, then dry brush with paper towel.
    • Wash paint brushes and palettes gently with warm soap and water then dry. 

  • Note:
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