Blueberry (Dark Blue) Edible Paint - By Natasha Collins

Type: Edible Paint
SKU: blueberry-SK-NC
  • Description
    • Blueberry edible paint from Squire's Kitchen is the perfect dark blue edible paint. This is the perfect paint for any delft style painting. This water based edible paint is ready to use right from the bottle. These 15 colors of edible paint were designed specifically for the Squire’s Kitchen brand by world renown baker, Natasha Collins of Nevie Pie Cake’s. These watercolor style edible paints are gorgeous, and are perfect for light and airy floral edible watercolor painting on hand painted wedding cakes and hand painted cookies. These paints are nearly impossible to find on this side of the pond, but I knew they were a must have because of their smooth, streak-free consistency and beautiful colors. If you find yourself mixing alcohol in with other paints to get a watercolor feel I’d highly recommend trying this brand.  Give them a try and let me know what you think!

  • Best product for:
    • Fondant, royal icing, glaze icing, macarons, gum paste, marzipan, and  ganache 

  • Country of Origin:
    • United Kingdom

  • Instructions
    • Use paints straight from the bottle for strong color tones, or dilute with water in the palette for a wide range of softer colors.
    • Rinse brushes with water in between colors then pat brushes dry gently with cloth.
    • Wash brushes and palettes with warm soapy water after each use.
    • Store tightly closed paints in a dry cool area.

  • Note:
    • Is there are Squire’s Kitchen product you love, but that we don’t stock yet? Let us know by emailing us at We will make a note for a future product research and can even work with you to include them in our next order from our vendor.