Antique Gold Lustre Dust - Sweet Sticks

Type: Lustre Dust
SKU: antiquegold-lustre-sweetsticks
  • Description
    •  5 grams of glorious golden perfection in every container. This lustre dust brings you the same FDA approved fully edible golden shades as the edible paints you have grown to love, with even more flexibility. You can now dust, paint, or airbrush on these lovely golden hues without worrying about what "non toxic" really means. 

      Sweet Sticks only ever uses fully edible ingredients in their products, and still does not sacrifice on color or quality. These paints are water activated but you can also mix with alcohol depending on what you need to paint. 

      Another great part of this product is the packaging. Instead of having to open a small canister and wasting a ton trying to spoon just a little out, this container is very similar to a tic tac container(just smaller). All you have to do is pop open the lid and shake a little into your palette. 

      So throw out your old not truly edible lustre dusts and grab one of these, they're fast drying, rub free, and 100% edible.

      And as always  this product is Kosher Approved and Vegan Friendly.
  • Best product for:
    • Full coverage or fine details for fondant, royal icing, glaze icing, macarons, gum paste, ganache 

  • Country of Origin:
    • Australia

  • Instructions
    • Activate with water, and paint!
    • Rinse brushes with water and pat dry between colors.
    • After each use wash brushes with warm soapy water, rinse completely, and then dry brushes on towel.
    • Some people prefer to keep a separate line of brushes just for metallic edible paint.

  • Note:
    • Is there are Sweet Sticks product you love, but that we don’t stock yet? Let us know by emailing us at We will make a note for a future product research and can even work with you to include them in our next order from our vendor.