Eucalyptus ProGel from Rainbow Dust
Teal - Edible Art Paint

UK-Spring Green Rainbow Dust Food Pen

Type: Edible Pens
SKU: springgreenDSP-RD
  • Description
    • NOTE: The packaging on this product may vary due to rebranding. We currently receive both packing styles as pictured due to the new rebranding. Product style is determined by availability. 

    • This Spring Green Food Art Pen is perfect for drawing vines and leaves on your painted pastries. 
      Don’t miss out on trying the newly formulated edible ink. These pens now write more precisely with brighter colors. This is the first choice for top painting bakers around the world.  These double pens have two size nibs. Use the .5 mm side for very fine details on royal and glaze icing, or gum paste flowers. Use the 2.5 mm marker nib to add color to your painted treats. Both sides are great for writing straight onto your edible artwork. We stock all 21 colors straight from Great Britain, and ship them to you from within the United States.
  • Best product for:
    • Fine details on royal icing, glaze icing, macarons, wafer paper, and icing paper.

  • Country of Origin:
    • Great Britain

  • Instructions
    • Use just as you would regular pens and markers, that’s what makes them so great!
    • After each use dip in warm water and wipe clean to prevent clogging.
    • Store with lids tightly sealed to avoid pens drying out.
    • If pens do get dry, try reviving them by soaking them in a little water for a few minutes then dry with paper towel.

  • Note:

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