The House that Love Built

The House that Love Built

Image result for ronald mcdonald house charitiesOne of the main reasons I took the leap of faith to start Pastry Paint Collective was to create a sustainable way to support charities that make a difference. I couldn't think of a better non profit to feature first than Ronald McDonald House Charities. You see neither I nor Pastry Paint Collective would be here today if the Ronald McDonald Houses didn't exist. 

If you're not aware of their mission you can check out their website here. These houses have been built all around the world to provide a place for families to stay while their children undergo medical treatment away from home. Throughout my childhood, Ronald McDonald House Charities provided a home for my family and I wherever we sought medical treatment. Not only do they provide a safe and comfortable place to stay, but the local communities provide meals and other donations so that the only thing the parents have to think about is being there for their sick child. 

It was in these houses that I found a community of friends who understood what I was going through. I found rest and shelter from the endless stream of doctors and tests. It was the support of these houses that gave my family and I the strength to keep fighting. I could never thank them enough. 

I was then doubly blessed to serve as an intern at the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama in college. I can't even begin to explain how honored I was to get to serve alongside their staff in caring for the families there. They pour so much love and hard work into encouraging and supporting everyone who comes through their doors. It was amazing to get to see the non profit I love from the other side. 

So in thanks to everyone who donated to the Ronald McDonald Houses that supported us, and in honor of the friends I lost, I've started Pastry Paint Collective to give back. 

Thank you for joining me in supporting families in need worldwide.



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