Valentine's Day Cookies

Valentine's Day Cookies

Valentine's Day Cookies


I had so much fun painting these Valentine's Cookies for an elderly friend. As a kid I used to wear red cowgirl boots with pink tights, and it drove my sister nuts. Over and over we had this conversation:

-Amy "Pink and red don't match, you can't wear those together! They clash!"
-Me "Then what about Valentine's Day!"

So once a year I get to let my love and pink and red together run wild. Plus I got to try out my new Squire's Kitchen paints, and let me tell you. They. Are. AMAZING!

I was using the Cherry Red and Cherry Blossom edible paints from Squire's Kitchen. This line of paints were designed by world renown painting baker, Natasha Collins, of Nevie Pie cakes. I really love her work, and so I was excited to try out these paints. They have such a rich and smooth consistency. They're water based, and have the same feel as watercolor ink. They are my new personal favorite edible paints, and I know you'll love them too, especially if you love Progels, because they have a very similar texture. 

Valentine's Day Edible Paints
I love mixing brands of paints together to get a really wide array of color tones. So I also used Strawberry ProGel, Pink ProGel,  Red Poppy PaintPink Poppy Paint, and Honey Gold Poppy Paint. Along with my Edible Art Paints which we will have in stock soon. 

There's still time to order in everything you need for Valentine's Day, just check out the collection here. Don't forget to pick up some of our brushes and palettes as well!

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Painted Valentine's Cookies